Published Papers

Centralized Fiscal Spending by Supranational Unions
     joint with Justin Valasek
     published (Economica, January 2017, Vol. 84 (333), pp. 78-103)
     This paper has been awarded the Klaus Liebscher Award 2013.

Optimal decision rules in multilateral aid funds
     joint with Axel Dreher and Justin Valasek
     published (Review of International Organizations, January 2021, Vol 16)

Working Papers

Imperfect Financial Markets as a Commitment Device for the Government
     This paper has been awarded the CESifo Distinguished Affiliate Award
     in Public Sector Economics, 2013.

Optimal Debt Bias in Corporate Income Taxation
     This paper has been supported by a research grant from the
     Royal Swedish Academy for Sciences, 2014.

Work in Progress

Adapting to Capitalism: Private Health Insurance Uptake Among Former East Germans

Optimal Education Financing
Big Data for the Public Good - Optimal Use of Information in Social Policy

Preferences for Social Policy and the Perception of Fairness

The Influence of Digitization on Political Preferences